Hello! Dear Students & Aspirants

About The Apex Bio-Institute

The management of Apex Bio-Institute is committed to provide excellent teaching, conductive environment and quality study material with practice model papers

J.P. Tripathi Sir & Rajeev Sir has been whole heartly associated with the institute to provide methodological and expert guidlines to those who have opted Biology (Botany and Zoology) & Physics in their 10+2 courses as well as to prepare for medical entrance examinations.

Those who are preparing exclusively for medical entrance examinations Apex Bio-Institute cordially invites to join the institute as our motto is "we have shaped career of thousands then why not yours...!!!".

Our Mission

is to serve our society through excellence in quality education. We always aim to define, and continually retune, the absolute standard of excellence in the area of academics through quality of education we provides.

Our Vision

is to Empower students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any academic challenges in the future.

Our Smart Approach

Developing Confidence

Apex Bio-Institute and its expert team ensures that each of students get full confidence for themselves before they face competitive exams

Detailed Understanding

Providing Best teaching material and practical understanding towards each subject is the only goal our institution have, for each students

Program Oriented

For every students who join us, exam oriented, dream oriented and future oriented progressive education is the core base of our institution