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Compiled By : J.P. Tripathi Sir

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Match List-I (Compound oxidized during Kreb's cycle) with List-II (Compound formed on
oxidation) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists :


A. Pyruvic acid
1. Acetyl Co-A
B. Isocitric acid
2. Succinyl Co-A
C. a-Ketoglutaric acid
3. Oxaloacetic
D. Succinic acid
4. a-Ketoglutaric acid
5. Fumaric acid

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Transfer of male gametes in female reproductive tract is :

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The development of male gametophyte in  angiosperms is

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Fertilization in human is practically feasible only if

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Which constitutional of seminal fluid helps in coagulation of semen after ejaculation

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Starting from the innermost part, the correct sequence parts in an ovule are

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The formation of female gametes in an embryo sac is called :

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Observe the examples given in the box and find out how many of them possess single ovule in each ovary?

Papaya, water melon, wheat, paddy, orchids and mango

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The phenomenon where, the ovary develops into a fruit without fertilization is called :

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In a fertilised embryo sac, the haploid, diploid and triploid structures are :

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Which of the following elements is responsible for maintaining Turgidity in cells?

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Root play insignificant role in absorption of water in :

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Read carefully the given table and choose the
option that correctly fill the blanks in it.

Property Simple Facilitated Active

Diffusion Transport Transport

Requires special No A Yes

membrane proteins

Transport saturates No Yes B

Uphill transport C No Yes

Requires ATP energy No No D


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Photorespiration in C3 plants starts from :

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2H2O —® 4H+ + O2 + 4e_

based on the above equation, answer the
following questions and choose correct option :

A) Where does this reaction take place in plants?

B) What is the by-product of this reaction?

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C4 pathway is advantageous over C3 pathway in plants as it

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Dimorphism of chloroplasts is found in :

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In Opuntia at night the respiratory quotient (R.Q.) will be :

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Arrange the following compounds of Krebs cycle in an ascending order with respect to the number of carbon atoms they possess :

A. Succinic acid B. Acetyl Co-A

C. a-Ketoglutaric acid D. Citric acid

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Which is not true for Glycolysis?

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In how many steps CO2 is produced in aerobic respiration

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Which of the metabolites is common to respiration mediated breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins?

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TCA cycle enzymes are located in :

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Number of carbon atoms present in citric acid, a-ketoglutaric acid and OAA

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